Fountain of Life | Juja, Kenya

2013 was the year that we participated in our first international travel experience together as sisters to the beautiful town of Juja, Kenya.

Northpoint church was our second home while we were in high school. In 2010, this church partnered with Fountain of Life in Juja to create a relationship that continues today. For four years in a row, at least one of us was participating in the annual trip out to Kenya:

  • 2010: A
  • 2011: A
  • 2012: J
  • 2013: A + J (finally together..!)

The beautiful people are what brought us back. Smiles, laughter, hugs, high fives. Such interactions are appreciated so much more when you see them take place among a people who in our eyes “have nothing”.

Through these trips, we learned that the Kenyans we met actually have a lot. While their lives are as far from perfect as all of ours are (we are all human beings living in a vastly imperfect & unfair world, after all), we saw that these people do possess more than what meets the eye:

  • Appreciation of life.
  • Community.
  • Freedom to sing & dance.
  • Admiration for the beautiful nature that surrounds their home.
  • Joy in simplicity.
  • Freedom from materialism.
  • Priorities in check.

Learning and traveling go hand-in-hand. By experiencing other cultures/cities/people, you will learn more of what being human actually means to you. You will learn that there are an infinite number of ways in which life can be lived, but you will also learn that there are an infinite number of ways in which we are essentially all the same. 

Translating to “I love you”, our Swahili “nakupenda” tattoos are a constant reminder that “I love you“. I love you, sister, but I also love you, fellow human being.

Note: This adventure was pre-Mercedes/Enzo. Although no pups were involved in the making of this journey, it is still one of our favorite places in the world.

Juja Kenya Post
Juja Kenya Post


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