Cold Like Minnesota

NOTE: Before reading through this post, please go to Apple Music//Spotify//Youtube and turn on the song Minnesota by Lil’ Yachty. Happy listening, happy reading.

We recently made a quick trip out to the great state of… (cold like) MINNESOTA! Sadly, our pups were not traveling with us this time around.

This was our first trip out to the Midwest and what a perfect time of year it was to go. Celebrating the first official day of Fall in Minneapolis was such a gift. While it was 100 degrees back home in L.A., we were enjoying colorful leaves, cool weather, and even RAIN! IF YOU GO TO MINNESOTA GO IN THE FALL. That’s what all the locals told us at least.

While most of our time was spent celebrating our beautiful friend and her now HUSBAND (#RingsAroundtheRosenbaums), we did have time for a bit of exploring. Check out our recommendations below..!

Rooftop | Crowne Plaza Minneapolis Northstar Downtown
LAX? Not that nice. MSP? Very nice (and a bit confusing).
This quaint Minneapolis neighborhood was surrounded by a lake. A dream. *Except maybe not a dream when that lake freezes over in the winter and its negative 40 outside.
BRUNCH HERE YUM. Blackened Fish Tacos FTW! Lots of Gluten Free/Vegan options as well. | French Meadow Bakery & Cafe | 2610 Lyndale Ave. Minneapolis, MN
Inside the French Meadow Bakery & Cafe. Very homey feel!
Outside the French Meadow Bakery & Cafe.
Bluestem Bar attached to the French Meadow Bakery & Cafe.
It doesn’t get much better than walking around Downtown Minneapolis on a crisp Fall day.
Chino Latino is a unique Asian/Mexican fusion restaurant in the heart of Uptown. VEGGIE LO MEIN… wow. For your Mexican dish, try the Elotes. | 2916 Hennepin Ave. S Minneapolis
Coffee, red brick wall, white girl.
The slogan for this restaurant? “Breakfast to Beer”. Super trendy and delicious. Freehouse | 701 N. Washington Ave. #101 Minneapolis, MN
Downtown Minneapolis knows how to pull off that older city feel with modern updates.
Modern updates as in nice, new apartment complexes. Right next to apartments that still have fire escape ladders.
Dunn Brothers coffee can be found in multiple locations around Downtown. Be sure to try the Vanilla Moon Black Tea!
Some of the streets here reminded us of Europe!
There is a lovely little park area right outside the huge clock tower that stands near City Hall and the Hennepin County Courthouse. After walking around Downtown, this is a great place to take a break!
And of course, we made friends with Chip. The awesome pitt-lab of the bride & groom who we had the privilege of taking care of in the midst of all the wedding activities. We love you Chippy!!!!

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